Q. What time do you arrive at our venue?

A. We normally arrive at your venue between 7:30 and 8pm unless otherwise arranged.

Q. If we have some music we would like played, would you be willing to take a playlist?

A. Of course, we love to receive playlists from our clients. We will also call you prior to the wedding date to discuss your musical requirements.

Q. We are having a band, what time will you arrive?

A. We ALWAYS set up at the beginning of the night, alongside your band. This allows for a smooth transition to the DJ when your band finishes.

Q. Our chosen first dance is not covered by our band, can you play this for us?

A. Yes, of course. As we are set up at the beginning of the night, this is not a problem.

Q. If the band takes a break, can you supply background music?

A. Yes.

Q. I have heard that some bands offer a DJ service as part of their package, have you any feedback on this?

A. Some bands do offer a DJ service, but not always a DJ!!! Most of the time this involves a member of the band staying behind with either an iPod or a laptop, with whatever music they can put together. While this is playing, they are putting away the rest of the equipment. This is not the way to end your night.
On the other hand some bands do supply a Professional DJ as part of their package. This involves your band booking a DJ service like ourselves, for your wedding.
Pro DJs provide the DJ service for the following bands: Goodfellas, The Bestmen, The Velvet Lounge, Loose Change, Soul Purpose, Atlantic Avenue, Sean Boland, Revival and more. Further information on these bands can be found on our Band Contact page.

Q. How long do you play for?

A. If we are your entertainment for the whole evening, we are setup and ready to start at our agreed time. We will liaise with your wedding venue regarding finishing time. Our quoted price will cover any bar extension up to 2am.
If you are having a band, we will start our set as soon as the band finishes. We will play until the requested finishing time, as stated by the hotel, up until 2am. With the agreement of the venue, we can play on after 2am, for an arranged fee.

Q. Do you take requests from our guests on the night?

A. Yes, but we always use our discretion. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we have been asked for!!

Q. Do you supply your own equipment?

A. Yes, we supply a professional light and sound system to suit every venue.

Q. Do you carry any backup equipment?

A. Yes we always have a backup, just in case!

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. Yes, we normally ask for a €50 euro deposit to be returned with your completed booking form.
All bookings are confirmed in writing.

Q. How will the DJ be dressed on the night?

A. Our dress code is casual/formal, unless otherwise instructed.
No tracksuits, runners, or jeans!!!

Q. Do you drink alcohol while working?

A. No, definitely not.

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